The Road to 100K

The Road to 100KThe Road to 100K is another web site from Jack Spirko. It’s always great when we get to work with our clients a second time. This is a membership forum for another one of Jack’s podcasts, a business podcast called 5 Minutes with Jack.

The Road to 100K is a community web site setup to support the audience for Jack’s podcast. The goal was to create a membership site similar to The Survival Podcast. He already had a Simple Machines (SMF Forum) and wanted to integrate the membership software with the forums.

We initially investigated converting the web site to aMember but it was determined that for this project we simply needed to upgrade to the latest SMF Forum software. Version 2 includes a basic subscription system using PayPal and this would more than suffice for Jack’s purposes. Using the existing software would also make his site work better for the users, and allow us to have free membership so that Google and the search engines can index his site.  This site doesn’t require a lot of security or protected downloads so aMember was not needed for this project.

After we upgraded the forums to the new software we began working with Jack on his new design.  We created a logo and purchased a professional theme for his forums that matched the color scheme we wanted. We made additional customizations to the professional theme and integrated the new logo.


  • Setup membership site
  • Upgrade forum software
  • Create logo
  • Find and customize new forum theme
  • PayPal payment integration


  • SMF Forums
  • MySQL

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