MindToolsMind Tools, LTD hired us in the summer of 2012 to consult with them on their aMember 2 web site. They have a very sophisticated web site and their entire business revolves around their membership based web site.  They had some new things they wanted to pursue with their web site but their existing version of aMember was woefully out of date. They needed to hire aMember consultants who could assist them with their upgrades and adding significant custom code to aMember.

Additionally Mind Tools was looking for programmers they could communicate with easier than some of the international consultants out there.  One of the features Mind Tools liked best is being able to communicate with us via Skype.  The workflow was much easier than with some of the previous consultants.


  • Consulting on best solution aMember 4 or aMember 3
  • Consulting on aMember2 to 3 upgrade
  • Troubleshooting of aMember upgrades
  • Custom coding
  • World Pay payment processing for one time payments and subscriptions


  • aMember
  • MySQL
  • PHPBB forum software