About Ben

Ben FittsBen Fitts has known Chris since college in the early 1990’s. They also had a brief stint working together at MCI/WorldCom.

Ben studied fine art in college and originally was attracted to the internet for web design. This was 1993-1995 and there weren’t many people online at the time. He could see the potential in the internet and began research into establishing an internet service provider.

During the fall of 1995 Campti Pleasant Hill telephone company, a rural telephone cooperative in Natchitoches, LA, contacted Ben about consulting on their new internet service. Ben and a partner went to Louisiana to assist them in setting up dial up internet service.  Later that year Ben was able to get some of his own investors to help him setup a dial up internet service in Covington, LA.

After a short period Ben and his investors shut down their internet service in Louisiana. They were probably a little ahead of their time and admittedly Ben was pretty young to be running such a business.  However this business experience helped Ben to move into the dot.com world.  He relocated to Boston, Massachusetts and began a full time career as a webmaster and web developer. He worked in several fortune 500 corporations in Boston as well as a couple of venture funded dot.com startups.

Ben has always been an entrepreneur and has been interested in business and internet marketing. In the late 1990s he ran a soccer search engine and later expanded into fantasy sports and email services for soccer fans.  He sold this business to some Dutch investors in 2000.

In the 2000’s Ben began selling other products on the internet and began to get interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and internet marketing.  He created a couple of downloadable e-books for sale and also a couple of membership web sites.  This is when Ben began to experiment with aMember, Simple Machines Forums, and WordPress blogs and podcasts.

Today Ben has a successful business as the custom greeting card guy.  He also is the “B” in BC Marketers working with his college buddy Chris to assist other business owners with their membership sites, blogs, and forums.  He finds this work fun and rewarding.