aMember Consultants

aMember pro membership software

If you’re looking for an aMember consultant, you’ve come to the right place.  At BC Marketers, LLC we consider ourselves aMember experts. In fact when one of the top aMember consultants quit the business, some of his old clients came to us and have been happy ever since.

aMember Pro is one of the most popular membership software platforms. aMember integrates with payment systems like PayPal and as well as 3rd party affiliate platforms like Clickbank and 2Checkout.

aMember protects file downloads, and directories and integrates with software like WordPress. The latest version of aMember even utilizes your WordPress theme so any changes you make to the theme are published throughout your web site.  aMember also integrates with CMS platforms like Drupal and Joomla.

While aMember is a robust platform on its own some customization is usually required. This is where many web site owners find themselves in need of aMember consultants with expertise in programming and customizing the software.  We have experience in both aMember 3 and aMember 4. We have written a significant amount of custom code to assist our clients with getting the most from their membership sites.

If you’re looking for membership software for your web site we definitely recommend looking at aMember Pro.

If you’re looking for a consultant or programmer to assist you with your existing aMember web site, or want to setup a new membership site from scratch, please contact us. We’d love an opportunity to work with you on your project.