Welcome to BC Marketers, LLC.

We’re Ben & Chris, two college buddies who have partnered together to become membership site experts. We developed a couple of membership sites of our own using the amazing aMember software package. As we began to meet other aMember owners we realized there was a need for consultants with expertise in aMember. That’s how BC Marketers was born. ¬†An aMember consultant was getting out of the business. He had a family and a traditional job and didn’t have time to do consulting any more. Some of his clients were looking for assistance with their membership sites, and we came to the rescue!

We assist business owners with membership web sites based on:

We can also do custom work including:

  • PHP coding
  • MySQL databases
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet Marketing & Promotion

Together we have over 30 years experience in internet development and marketing.

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